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Posted on Feb 02nd, 2014

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Tarek Al Shafie, first Certified Kuwaiti Dealer Principal at Audi Kuwait.


Audi Kuwait, represented by Fouad Alghanim & Sons Automotive Company, announced the appointment of Mr. Tarek Ramadan AlShafie as the Dealer Principal of Audi Kuwait, which would make him the first Kuwaiti to serve as the General Manager of the company. After successfully passing the tests and completing the first year at the Audi Academy of Management, Mr. Tarek Ramadan Al Shafie served as the Marketing Director at Audi Kuwait. He joined the Academy in 2012 and became certified as an Associate of the Audi Management Academy in 2013 as a part of the 3-year program.

On this occasion, Mr. James De Lieu, Managing Director of Fouad Alghanim & Sons Automotive Company said, “Mr. Tarek joined Fouad Alghanim & Sons Automotive in early 2009. During his tenure with Audi Kuwait, he not only demonstrated his ability to manage and lead, but possessed the necessary skills to lead the team at Audi Kuwait, and scored the highest result in Kuwait during the first year of the Academy towards becoming Dealer Principal. With 13 years of experience in the banking and financial sector and after having spent 5 years as the Marketing Director, we look forward to developing our approach by focusing on the needs of our customers and strengthening our presence in Kuwait. He also added: “We together have developed a strategy for 2020 to outline the development plans and will soon announce to our customers our development of new facilities in Kuwait."